A country from a bygone era, no longer in existence, but the aftermath can still be felt today: Yugoslavia. The country was the focus of worldwide attention in the 1990s due to its brutal civil wars. Eaten away from the inside, as a failed experiment of a multicultural society. Many are glad that the old days are over, some nostalgically mourn the past. In this work, the failed country is remembered in the form of postcards from the past.

The postcard set consists of 8 individual postcards, 7 postcards representing the individual states and one postcard representing the Union. Postcards are not just an old relic from the past, like Yugoslavia is. They also show the side of a place that the locals want to show to the world, embellished, proud and personal. The postcards come in a cohesive set, but must be torn off for use, an analogy to the break of states within Yugoslavia.

A 2021 project in the course “A Question of Identity” lectured by Lucille Tenazas at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in cooperation with Parsons School of Design. Check out even more postcards here!
Images: The images used for the postcards are mostly from ONCE UPON A TIME IN YUGOSLAVIA

Post, Postcards, 90s, Paper, Cardboard, Yugoslavia, Tito, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Olympic Games, Carnival, Brutalism

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