YU Postcards

Yes, this is a postcard set! Maybe you remember this, the email with picture attachment from the past, with paper and so. The postcards also deal with the past in a past country. So much old stuff here ...
This alternative postcard set was created as part of the work "YU", too bad to just throw away. The work deals with the history and disintegration of Yugoslavia. The postcards give an embellished and nostalgic form of memory.
Remains from a 2021 project in the course “A Question of Identity” lectured by Lucille Tenazas at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in cooperation with Parsons School of Design. See the final project here!
Images: The images used for the postcards are mostly from ONCE UPON A TIME IN YUGOSLAVIA

Post, Postcards, 90s, Paper, Yugoslavia, Tito, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Olympic Games, Carnival, Brutalism, Star

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