"Tradition ist ... Erinnerung an die Erinnerung."

Layout, Dissection, Deconstruction and Addition. In this work I play around with a typeface — if you can call it playing. Starting with some random German quotes and poems which I put into a layout design, I then have chosen one and worked my way through by cutting things out, rearrange some other things and finally add some color and textures. The result is a set of postcards, or three posters, or maybe a postcard poster, I don't know, decide for yourself! And why is it hanging around?

Oh, I see, you have the most valuable resource in this universe: Time! Here you can spend it wisely by clicking through all 74 slides in the 3 galleries.

Made in 2018 for a propaedeutic course in Visual Communication at the ZHdK led by Franziska Burkhard, Thomas Gfeller and Julia Marti.
Font & Layout: Brela by Makarska Estudio Textures: I didn’t keep track of, sorry and thank you to whoever made them! Inspiration: “Typography: My Way to Typography” by Wolfgang Weingart
Poster, Postcard, Postercard, Typeface, Font, Brela, Layout, Graphic Design, Dissection, Deconstruction, Addition Print, German Poem, Vergessen, Erinnerung, Tradition, Glück

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