From Monastery to Skyscraper

From the old Cistercian monastery on the monastery peninsula in Wettingen, to the Bad Säckingen wooden bridge, to the Roche Tower in Basel. A journey of some sights of Switzerland graphically rehashed. No, it's not the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Connect the dots, um, I mean the buildings et voilà you have a flyer for a little trip from Wettingen to Basel.

This is 1 of 5 flyers for the 2019 FHNW Academy of Art and Design entrance exam on the theme “From XYZ to Basel”. The flyers pick up various aspects of travel, movement and commuting, graphically translated.
Images:Wettingen Kloster” by Badener, “Wooden Bridge” by Gemeinde Stein, “Roche Tower” by Taxiarchos228
Path, Route, From A to B, Travel, Wettingen, Aargau, AG, Cistercian Monastery, Stein, Frick, Wood, Bridge, Basel, BS, Roche, Tower, Flyer, Print, Black, Type, Font, Speed, White, HGK, FHNW

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