An Emotional Text

Sentiment analysis is the process of analyzing text data and deriving its emotional tone. For this work, headlines from the New York Times were used to analyze them semantically. Using Basil.js and InDesign, the headlines were visualized to show how positively or negatively charged they are. With a neutral text, there are almost no changes. However, if the headline has a negative connotation, it will deflect downward; if the title is positive, it will be pulled upward.

Check out the build process of Sentiment Analysis in InDesign with Basil.js and Sentilyzer API, it's like magic!

A 2020 programming project using InDesign and JavaScript at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design under the mentorship of Ted Davis.
Libraries: Basil.js, JavaScript library for generative designing with InDesign API:sentilyzer” for sentiment analysis by ffd8 (Ted Davis), Headlines from the New York Times
Basil.js, JavaScript, JS, Scripting, Programming, Adobe, InDesign, API, Sentilyzer, NYT, New York Times, Sentiment, Analysis, Sentilyzer

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