A semiotic work based on a photograph by Tadao Andō. Semiotics is the science of signs or sign systems in nature and culture. Used primarily by literary studies and linguistics to analyze our forms and habits of communication in terms of their sign-like linguistic phenomena and expressions.

Print, print, print, cut, cut, cut and glue, glue glue. Collages with the original image. In the collages I take elements of the image and expand them, form new objects out of them, change the reality represented or mix everything wildly.

Content aspects of the scene picked up, extracted and traced. In this exercise, I pick up visual features in the image and transfer them into a new image through drawing. I focus primarily on lines of architecture and their direction and abstract and combine them.

These experiments are about superimpositions and perspective distortions. Using various digital tools, the already crowded image is overfilled to the extreme. In a further step, the perspective of the image is distorted in such a way that the impression of the city changes.
Color in the image and its effect. What does color do in the picture, what does color do to the picture, and how does color interact with the picture.
Scans, multiprints and milk foil. More experiments, this time with the printer and scanner.
The whole project summarized as a brochure. In addition to the experiments listed above, other aspects such as keywords and images have been added, which semiotically interact with the original image.
A semiotics work from the year 2019 at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design under the mentorship of Viola Diehl.
Image: Main image for semiotic experiments by Tadao Andō, other images from the big internet.

Tadao Andō, Architecture, Photography, Japan, City, Concrete, Scenery, Electrification, Planetarium, Block, Shop, Nissan, Semiotics, Collage, Cut, Trace, Extract, Stretch, Color, Scan, Print, Brochure

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