A work with typography and image. I have tried to conceive a graphic principle in which photography and typography are united and become one with fluid transitions and clear edges. For the photographs I have used the black and white images of Sebastião Salgado. The result is a series of postcards and posters that could be used for a potential exhibition. A continuation of the work is possible with further reductions in the image and the play with surfaces. Hallelujah!

In this work, I made my own the epochal images of Sebastião Salgado from his volume "Genesis". I have cut, scaled, duplicated and placed the images in a new context as a sign. The letters of Salgado's name were thereby embellished with his images. A glimpse into the process.

More is always better! Therefore, here more letter experiments!

Who said there was an end? A possible continuation of the project with the scissors is always feasible!
This work was created in 2018 in the propaedeutic course at the ZHdK. Under the mentorship of Franziska Burkhard, Patrik Ferrarelli and Thomas Gfeller, the task was worked on how to deal with other people’ material and how to create something new from it.
Images:Genesis” by Sebastião Salgado Font: Futura by Paul Renner

Postcard, Poster, Offcut, Images, Black, White, Grayscale, Sebastião Salgado, Genesis, Epochal, Landscape, Jungle, Amazon, Iceberg, Mountains, River, Sky, Desert, Island, Skipper, Seals, Typography, Futura

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