Population Lines

A few attempts to visualize the population between Wettingen and M√ľnchenstein with lines. This exercise quickly escalated into abstract line experiments. Why not?

Of course, a few handmade doodles can not be missing here. Homemade line charts are mega cool! Please pay no further attention to my beautiful writing and drawing skills.
This is 1 of 5 flyers for the 2019 FHNW Academy of Art and Design entrance exam on the theme “From XYZ to Basel”. The flyers pick up various aspects of travel, movement and commuting, graphically translated.
Inspiration: Ratcliffe-Design Corporate Identity, Posterdesign on Baubauhaus, Lines Animation on Pinterest

Population, Demographic, Statistics, Census, Lines, Diagram, Localities, Switzerland, Wettingen, Aargau, M√ľnchenstein, Basel, Flyer, Poster, Experimental

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