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The Dance of Pixels

In "Pixls." I unmask grid systems of various file formats and subsequently put them in motion. Starting with the design of posters with elements of pixel, raster and test graphics, I move into the hexadecimal system of the files where I manipulate them into new data sets. This technique allows a visual insight into the building structure of different file formats. Using "Hydra ", a video synthesizer based on JavaScript and WebGL, I enable the pixels to leave their fixed position and dance around!

As a first step, I started to design some posters. Thereby geometric shapes were brought into rhythmic repetition, color gradients were divided and rearranged and from this various compositions were created.

The division and later duplication of color gradients has created a rhythmic grid system from a continuous flow. Besides that, I worked with lines and experimented with them. Depending on the size of the posters and screen resolution, moire effects can arise.

Pixels, squares, lines and checkered patterns, binary, black and white. Here I used pixel and test pattern aesthetics to create a toolbox that I used to make montages. In the spirit of screen technologies, small building blocks were produced, which were brought together to form a poster.

Here I have manipulated files with a hex editor and created completely new ones out of them. The manipulation in the files makes the otherwise invisible structure of the data visible. Depending on the file format, the rhythmic grid structure expresses itself in a different way. The otherwise so clear and srtructured digital arrangement turns into a visual surprise box.

Were you wondering how these things might look as printed posters? Me too! That's why I made these.

The "Pixls." project website with the comparisons of what can happen visually when you take away or add more code to a file.
This project under the term ” rhythm ” was created in the summer of 2021. Various experiments were created during the time, including “Black Hydra” or “Bliss Glitch“. The project can also be visited on the dedicated “Pixls.” project website.
Software: HxD Hex Editor by Maël Hörz, Hydra by Olivia Jack Inspiration: A Propaganda Poem by Sebastian Onufszak, Data Walking by The Royal Studio, Joining the Dots by VSM Studio Tutorial: Vector Glitches by Accentsconagua Webtemplate: Quatro by StyleShout

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