Paper and Clips

Office utensils in a different way! The unbeatable duo of paper and clip is staged in this photo shoot in a new light. It shows its chic and modern side, sometimes individually, sometimes as a pair, but never in work garb.
In this photography project, office supplies were photographed in the studio and their function, form and aesthetics were questioned. In a second step, the images were superimposed into a new composition. Three series of images on clips and papers were created.

They simply belong together! Whether they want to or not ...

To assess the selection, the images were also printed. But especially for an open discussion with the beloved Timo Rick, with whom these photographs were made in collaboration.

A photography project from 2019 at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design under the mentorship of Kambiz Shafei. The task was to present everyday objects in a new light.
Collaboration: Many thanks to Timo Rick for the cooperation!
Photography, Studio, Black and White, Paper, Clip, Clamp, Duo, Superimposition

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