The Story of ORIGIN

The origin of everything. Sebastião Salgado's images from the "Genesis" volume cheekily used as a utensil for letters. In this exercise, type is image and image is type. Unfortunately, it didn't quite do to explore the entire origin, but one ORI should be enough for now ...

The origin also includes color, not just one color, and writing, thick writing and at least one poster!

These are experiments to a work that was created in 2018 in a propaedeutic course at the ZHdK. Under the mentorship of Franziska Burkhard, Patrik Ferrarelli and Thomas Gfeller, the task was worked on how to deal with other people’ material and how to create something new from it.
Images:Genesis” by Sebastião Salgado Font: LOT by Fontfabric

Poster, Letter, Character, Typography, LOT, Offcut, Images, Black, White, Grayscale, Sebastião Salgado, Genesis, Epochal, Landscape, Rock, Sea, Sky, Desert, Island, Skipper, Seals

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