Fun with posters. Take a nice poster, crunch it up and make a Pacman out of it. Or something else. Or nothing at all ... but that would be a shame!

A graphic analysis and paraphrase on posters by Hermann Eidenbenz, Erich Brechbühl and The Remingtons. In a first step, I formally analyzed the posters and their elements and created an inventory. In a second phase it still had room for some fun as you have seen.
Last but not least, the inventory was bound as a booklet. Why? So that the paper and printing industry does not go down the drain. I am aware that no one reads through the text in the booklet. But you are welcome to see how long you can stand it.
This analysis was created in 2018 in the propaedeutic course at the ZHdK. Under the mentorship of Franziska Burkhard, Patrik Ferrarelli and Thomas Gfeller, the task was worked on how to deal with other people’ material and how to create something new from it.
Posters: Stettler Radio by Hermann Eidenbenz, Raphelson by Erich Brechbühl, Electrotec by The Remingtons (Ludovic Balland, Jonas Voegeli)

Experiments, Tests, Analysis, Inventory, Stettler, Radio, Waves, Invisible, Grafica, Clavel & Lindenmeyer, Basel, Hermann Eidenbenz, Raphelson, Parterre, Concert, Mixer, Erich Brechbühl, Electrotec-Diskotec Cup, Party, Traktandum, Zurich, The Remingtons, Ludovic Balland, Jonas Voegli

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