Holy Déesse

The holy and beautiful Déesse, almost too good for experiments, but even she is not spared. However, her sanctity is preserved in honor. Lighting, shadowing and materiality in C4D.

Is it really the holy Déesse or or the evil twin sister?

A byproduct of the work Citroen DS from 2020 at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design. Based on a lecture by Roland Barthes, an object is selected on which changes and shifts of meaning in the pictorial sign are explored. A course in semiotics by Viola Diehl.
Roland Barthes, Myths, Mythologies, Lore, Social Studies, Semiotics, Car, Sedan, 50s, Citroen DS, Deesse, 3D, 3D Model, Cinema4D, Image Series, Rendering

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