The panorama of a beautiful mountain landscape, with cloudless sky, a lake that meanders between the mountain ranges and a view of the interior of Switzerland, reformulated. I used the idyllic Hoch-Ybrig motif for an illustrative, connoted and abstracted translation. In a further step, surreal experiments with illustration have emerged. The project includes three image series based on the original photography.

In addition to the areal conversions, I have placed the focus on lines in reference to elevation contours. Lines and mountains go well together for some inexplicable reason!

A mountain on a mountain. Surreal experiments with the mountain landscape.

If you distort the lines a bit, you get three-dimensional mountains, how awesome!
In this step, the photography of the mountain landscape is reduced to the minimum, but without losing its recognition value. What remains are the bars of the barrier.
A 2019 work on graphic formulation at FHNW Academy of Art and Design under the mentorship of Annik Troxler. Starting from a self-selected image, this is graphically extracted, reduced and transformed.
Image: Me, me, me, the photography is from me, taken on the Hoch-Ybrig ski resort.
Hoch-Ybrig, Mountains, Landscape, Lake, Ski Resort, Photography, Vector, Area, Grayscale, Lines, Contour Lines, Reduction, Abstract, Barrier, Black, White

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