Aaahhh they're naked!

Figure drawing with different act models, drawing utensils, time spans and different focuses.

Drawings with charcoal on paper with shading and contour experiments. The idea of the exercise was to capture the natural incidence of light on the human body. The level of detail in the drawings varies, rendering the proportions of the body is not always prioritized.

Do you recognize something there or not? Abstract drawing with body lines.

Quickly draw body shapes in changing actions and positions. Capturing the form of the body by means of contours.
A 2019 sketching exercise at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design under the mentorship of Leander Eisenmann. The task was to draw the human body, human shapes and actions.
Thanks to all who have modeled!
Figures, Models, Body, Shape, Act, Nude, Drawing, Sketching, Charcoal, Ink, Pencil

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