Expanded Cinema

This work is a 51 seconds long montage consisting of various recordings which shows an experimental use of beamer light in interaction with various objects. The beamer projects a p5.js script, which was programmed to generate random color fields that merge smoothly.
The projection is done on a paper screen. During the beamer projection, in reference to Karl Gerstner's lens experiments, objects are placed in front of the beamer and additionally set in motion. I experiment with different materialities and transparencies. The objects influence the projected image and change its appearance on the screen. In addition to a lens, foils, plastic bottles, glasses, rulers as well as liquid cleaners and ink are used.
Experiments with beamer and various tranparent objects from the year 2021. Created at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design during a workshop taught by Stefanie Bräuer.
Inspiration: Karl Gerstner Lens Experiments & Paul Sharits‘ N:O:T:H:I:N:G Video

Expanded Cinema, Screen, Video, Film, Lens, Foil, Plastic, Bottle, Glas, Ruler, Cleaner, Ink, P5.js, Beamer, Light, Color Wheel, Frequency, Artifacts, Lines, Blanket, Noise, Wind

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