Is the moon evil?

Evil Moon
A little story about the malevolence of the full moon. Yes, it's a bit mean towards the moon, but it doesn't deserve it any other way! The illustrated storyboard tells the felt story of why people can't sleep during the full moon. A work in cooperation with the enchanting Soraya Koefer.
Oh, what's that? An even more realistic color scheme where the sky and the room are dark? Wooow, so we have two versions to defame the moon!
An illustrative work from 2021 at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design under the mentorship of Leander Eisenmann. The task was to tell a story by means of a sequence of pictures.
Inspiration: Drawing style inspired by Sophie Koko Gate, Texturing style by Zimri Mayfield Collaboration: Thanks for the cooperation to Soraya Koefer!
Full Moon, People, Sleep, Night, Dark, Nose, Booger, Room, Apartment, Flooded, Squirt, Underwater, Drawing, Illustration, Storyboard, Storytelling, FHNW

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