Citroen DS

The new Citroen DS, a miracle of nature, um, I mean a miracle technology. So grandiose and unique that one could write a book about it! I do not, but others. I prefer to do other things with the thing. Did you know that if you want, the Citroen DS can not only drive, but also jump? Now you know. It can also explode and fold. You don't believe me? See for yourself! A visual interpretation of "Mythen des Alltags – Der neue Citroën" by Roland Barthes.








A work from 2020 at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design. Based on a lecture by Roland Barthes, an object is selected on which changes and shifts of meaning in the pictorial sign are explored. A course in semiotics by Viola Diehl.
Book:Mythen des Alltags” by Roland Barthes 3D Model: Citroen DS Sedan by CadNav Settings: Low Poly Car Cinema4D Tutorial by Twistereli
Roland Barthes, Myths, Mythologies, Lore, Social Studies, Semiotics, Car, Sedan, 50s, Citroen DS, 3D, 3D Model, 3D Animation, Cinema4D, Image Series, Rendering

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