Quick, Faster, CHNO

A fictional product for performance enhancement in sports and everywhere you need it ...

CHNO is an alternative return to naturalness in competitive sports of the future. With the small device, which is wrapped around the thigh, an increase in performance can be achieved without cyborgizing the body. The device permanently measures the load on the body and intervenes when it reaches its limits. The patch on the bottom of the device and its pointed hooks can directly inject the body with natural adrenaline.

Through machine body enhancements, competitive sports have merged with the subject area of engineering. Performance efforts in a competitive environment to animate spectators has evolved into a symbiotic relationship between man and machine that has come out of the balance. Those who have the better engineering usually have the better chances.
A CoCreate project produced in the Critical Media Lab at the Institute Experimental Design and Media Cultures with the great Timo Rick. Mentored by Flavia Caviezel and Sophie Kellner in 2021 at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design. The task was to look at future technologies on the body. The archived project can be visited online.
Images: Athletes by IMGBIN Icons: Fitness Set by freepik Fonts: Daggersquare & Acumin for Logodesign Webtemplate: Floper by evatheme
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