Portfolio Basis Thesis

Portfolio website for a basis thesis to evaluate the personal point of view, or in other words, a website with a selection of works. The website was designed with a typographic listing of the projects and interactive hover and background effects.
Oooh, what is this pattern? The background of the Portfolio website was created with p5.js, so the squares interact with the mouse movement. Was fun!
A personal work analysis from 2020 at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design. In addition to a cultural history writing assignment and an analysis on moving posters, a portfolio website was created.
Libraries: p5.js JavaScript library for generative designing Editor: P5LIVE by Ted Davis Template: CSS-Only Marquee Effect from Codrops

JavaScript, JS, Processing, p5.js, P5LIVE, Programming, Creative Coding, Code, Interactive, Mouse, Follow, Digital, Media, Web, Website, Homepage, Portfolio, Type

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